Acro Releases XRM Version 4.0

 Acro Service Corporation has developed its own Vendor Management System (VMS) called XRM System that is deployed to automate all aspects of our MSP program.  In May 2012 XRM got a reboot when version 4.0 was released.  XRM System provides web-based software and expert management services to firms that use external labor.  Acro can better serve the client through its own VMS.  With XRM the client has control over labor spend, fairness in labor decision-making, simplified process, and improvements to labor administration.  With a successful VMS, Acro Service Corporation can not only provide their clients with superior staffing services, but enhance their own business as well.  It is also important to be constantly improving their services in order to grow as a company.  XRM Version 4.0 is just the latest improvement; there will sure be more to come as technology continues to advance.  

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