Acro Gives Back To Community; Commitment to Corporate Sustainability

SustainabilityAcro Service Corporation has a strong commitment to corporate sustainability.  Giving back to the community is a top priority for Acro and over the years the company has initiated programs to encourage and increase sustainability.  Along with these in house programs Acro recognizes the importance of sharing this sentiment with their associates – clients, team members, and vendors; in an effort to educate and influence each, regarding how they can contribute to the Company’s efforts in this regard.

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

 Acro believes in the importance of our environment as one of Earth’s most precious resources. Therefore, Acro will continue to place emphasis on what it can do for the planet by saving trees as trees provide not only the paper we use, but the oxygen we breathe! Accordingly, Acro’s paper consumption reduction and recycling program is our first initiative.  To reach the goal to save 50 trees in a year Acro uses electronic forms of communication, such as e-mail and will be switching to an electronic newsletter.  Recycled paper is also available in the Acro offices with on-site recycling bins to encourage participation in the program. 

Acro’s goal is to save 50 trees, but beyond just saving trees Acro also pledges to plant 50 seedlings in a local park or tree farm as something to give back to the community.  As of April 2013 the goal was achieved as 51.5 trees have been saved and over 6,035 pounds of paper has been recycled with 5 months to go.  On Saturday, May 4, 2013 Acro planted 60 white pine seedlings at Rotary Park in Livonia, Michigan.


Charitable Giving

Acro more than gave back to the community by planting 60 trees, but Acro doesn’t stop there.  Another important aspect in community sustainability is the charities that Acro is actively engaged in.   Acro donates time, resources, and expertise to Relay for Life, Haven, Forgotten Harvest, and Toys for Tots.  The goal is to be aware of the surrounding community and give back what we can.  

To learn more about Acro’s commitment to corporate sustainability, visit the About Us tab and click on sustainability on our website at